Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training Day

On Tuesday 30th January all of our school council members and 12 children who applied and were chosen to be anti-bullying ambassadors took part in a personalised training day. It was such a fantastic day and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. They learnt all about the different types of bullying, how to recognise the signs of bullying, what it means to be an ambassador, and how they can support children in school, whether that be children who feel they are being bullied or the bullies themselves. The children had to put together an ambassador journey of what they would like to do in school and in the community to ensure everyone feels safe and happy in school.

The ambassador training day was part of the Princess Diana Award and if our children can be proactive and use initiative to move forward in their roles, they may have opportunities in the future to meet with the Prince William and Prince Harry at one of the regional function days. The ambassador programme is all about how children can change the world, they can be inspirational role models that others can look up to.

We have now ordered the personalised ambassador hoodies and they should arrive in school very soon. We will have our first meeting to discuss our first anti-bullying initiative and we will of course keep you updated.

Thank you to all children involved. I was so proud to see how well you all responded and the enthusiasm you showed. Such an amazing day and one to remember. Mrs Robbs



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