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Leaving a print…

This morning our year 6 school council members placed a hand print on the wall in the lunchtime club room, leaving a print before they depart Broadmeadow Junior School and move onto secondary school. All other school council members will leave their hand print during the first few days in September. The room is looking a lot brighter and will hopefully be enjoyed by children during the next academic year.

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Time to paint…

Today all of our school council members changed into their ‘work’ clothes and they worked really hard to paint the hut that we use for our lunchtime club. The children chose the colour of the paint and ordered all of the materials needed for painting. Years 3 and 4 started first thing this morning and completed the main wall. Years 5 and 6 took over after break and finished off the side walls. The room is now looking very calming and will soon be ready to enjoy. Some time will now be spent tidying up and organisng the resources in the room ready for the new academic year in September. Thank you to all school council members. You did a fantastic job and the room looks great. And thank you to Mr Henry for supervising and helping with the cutting in of the more intricate areas!

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Anti-Bullying Workshops – Year 6 Role Play

I would like to say a huge thank you to our year 6 school council members for their amazing contributions in preparing for and taking part in the anti-bullying workshops. The role play scenarios were fantastic and they performed really well. The commitment and enthusiasm to take part was really appreciated and made the workshops even more worthwhile. The children should be proud of themselves because I certainly was!All together anti-bullying

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