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And the winner is…

This week the school council decided who should be the big winners for the poetry writing competition as part of anti-bullying week. Thank you to all who entered!

For upper school the winner was… Sayana (6W)

I got bullied everyday,

Nobody seemed to care,

I always got put in a place,

And I got punched and kicked there.

I got bullied in each lesson,

I got bullied out on the streets,

Oh how I wished they’d go away,

And leave me be!

But now it’s completely different,

I told the teacher soon,

So no one bullies me these days,

And I am over the moon!

For¬†lower school the winner was…¬†Trieshvi (4B)

It hurts when…

You push me to the ground,

And I fall around,

So I will tell an adult.

Your lies make me depressed,

But I am not impressed!

It hurts when…

You make me stumble,

And I mumble and grumble,

So I will tell an adult.


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The school council kicked off anti-bullying this week with an assembly full of important facts, poems and advice. They planned it all themselves, super well done! Miss Berryman

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Assembly Plans

The school council have been hard at work planning their assembly on anti-bullying. Lots of the school councils ideas will be used in class this week to help spread the anti-bullying message. School council members have written their own poems and made a power point to share with the school.



They will be also announcing a special competition!


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