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Our achievements!

It’s the end of the school year which means it is the end of the current School Council! They’ve been working very hard to share all of your ideas at  meetings and find solutions to any problems.

Here is list of everything the current School Council have put in place since February 2013:

  • Archery and Fencing Club for Year 3/4
  • Skateboarding Club for Year 3/4
  • Litter picking on the field
  • Toys for the shed
  • Year 4 rounders tournament
  • More organised sports activities at lunch times

Coming 2013/2014

  • An outdoor clock for the discovery room
  • A winter interhouse Football tournament
  • Non-fiction books for Year 6 book corners
  • Fiction books by Michael Morpurgo, Jacqueline Wilson and J K Rowling for Year 6 book corners
  • New sponge balls for the shed

Thank you for everyone’s suggestions – these improvements would not be made without you! We will be looking for new School Council members when we return in September. Have a think if you think that this could be a job for you!


Have a safe and super summer everyone!

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