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Our new toys for playtime….

Thank you School Council!


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A message from School Council!

During our time as school council members (September 2012 – February 2013) we have put forward all of your ideas and achieved lots of things for our school.

  • We have put forward designs for a new shelter in the playground.
  • We have begun discussions about the Friendship Stop in the playground and how we can use it more effectively. The new school council members will be having talks with Miss Carnell to see how we can run the Friendship Stop, perhaps alongside Frendz United. We have also designed posters to advertise it.
  • The toilet seats have been tightened in year 5/6 toilets.
  • A visit from the head lice nurse, to give a talk to parents.
  • A sports club for Year 3 and 4 children on Thursday afternoons should be up and running very soon!
  • We now have new metal tennis rackets, tennis balls and quoits for the shed which will be available to use this week.
  • We have two new sets of clip boards.
  • Finally, we have ordered a new bin for the playground to be put near the discovery room.

These ideas all came from you! Thank you for your ideas and we hope you continue to give your thoughts and suggestions to the new school council. Thank you for choosing us to be your school council members and we hope we did a good job for you.

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